pre-roman teachings


Christian believers today faithfully believe that the message taught by various clergymen, throughout various denominations, is the exact same message that has always been taught since the very beginning. But, that is not true. Before the Romans took over the church the message taught throughout the congregations scattered all over the Roman Empire was much different than what is preached in today’s congregations.

In the congregations today, for the most part, all that is heard is variations on a single theme; Jesus saves. The whole message, in one form or another, hinges on the idea that Jesus, what he did, who he was, and what is expected because of all that, is what being a Christian is all about. But, that was not the message that was taught to the converts who were beginning to manifest the church called out by God through the teachings of Jesus.

The truth is, those teachers in the beginning put greater emphasis on teaching believers how to live their lives so as to be imitators of how Jesus taught and lived his life. The emphasis was put more on the message of Jesus rather than on Jesus himself. Rather than have the bible in the narrative form of the life of Jesus that we have today, they maintained manuscripts of the teachings of Jesus that had been passed down from the apostles. In other words they believed and taught that the revelations of God’s truth brought through the life of Jesus was more important than the man himself. The way to glorify both the Father and the Son was to live lives in agreement with the revelation of the Father, by the teaching of the Son.

The times in which we live today, where we are experiencing economic collapse, moral collapse, and spiritual collapse, the modern day community of believers would do well to hear again the teachings of those men who were in the forefront of spreading the truth of God across the known world. Their world was in turmoil and chaos then just as this modern day is also. To that end I have brought some of the earliest writings that I could find to this website. I have modernized the archaic language to make them more recognizable but otherwise they are true to the efforts of the original translators.