Faith Without Fences

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Thursday kNights

is a group originally formed to meet the needs of a small group of men who decided to join together to study God’s Word. There are five men who have been the core of the study for more than four years.

    We make no effort to remain within the boundary of mainline church doctrine. If our study, and consensus, takes us beyond what is commonly accepted as truth, we struggle to incorporate what the bible teaches us rather than hold on to what the church has taught us. More often than not, it is not a matter of going outside of, or against, what we have been taught as acceptable church doctrine, but rather,  going deeper, much deeper, than what we have always understood.

As a result of our desire to expand our Community Outreach,

from time to time, we will accept articles from our readers.

We hope you will appreciate their efforts.

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Women Aware

is a new outreach ministry started in the Crystal Springs Community where we live. We met on June 29, 2010, for the first time at a “Midweek Coffee Break” for the ladies of our community.

    Each of the ladies who attended was asked to bring a “special coffee mug” and a “story about the mug”. The stories were very interesting and made it possible for us to connect with each other.

Crystal Springs Bible Fellowship

is located in the community where we live. This is a small group of men and women have as their fundamental motivation the study of the Word to know God through Christ Jesus in ever increasing depth. The greater awareness of God in our lives makes us more concerned for making that awareness of God more profound in the lives of our friends and neighbors. Matt 5:16 is not just another verse, but rather, it is a command and a standard by which we choose to live.

    This fellowship is preparing to be more visible by reaching out to our neighbors by putting feet to our faith.